Product Focus - October 2021

Product Focus - October 2021

Geomatrix Systems SoilAir  

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Aeration System

Geomatrix Systems SoilAir
SoilAir from Geomatrix Systems intermittently aerates the drainfield/leachfield and surrounding soils rather than constantly aerating wastewater in a tank. This process allows rapid rejuvenation of failed septic systems, extends the life span of new leachfields and enhances treatment, according to the maker. Systems can serve single-family and multifamily homes, as well as challenging and high-strength waste streams found at restaurants, hotels, marinas, laundromats, health care facilities, grocery stores, food processing facilities and convenience stores. 888-764-5247;


Aero-Stream NSF 40 Aerobic Treatment Unit
NSF 40 Aerobic Treatment Units from Aero-Stream offer a simple and robust design achieving 26-week average of 11.39 mg/L CBOD5 and average 5.00 mg/L TSS from startup, according to the maker. These systems provide a large surface area on Bio-Brush for an attached growth extended aeration process. The products are designed to fit in locally available tanks. The simple-to-install systems require minimal maintenance. The air compressor is a corded UL-listed outdoor appliance that plugs into a standard 115-volt AC power outlet. The Aero-Alert alarm system requires no high voltage wiring and operates on a self-contained power cell, reducing installation costs. Models are available from 450 to 1,500 gpd treatment capacities in single to multi-compartment applications. 877-254-7093;

Anua PuraACE
The PuraACE from Anua is a drop-in-tank reactor pod for treating high-strength waste from restaurants, convenience stores or other facilities. The pods can be added to existing residential or commercial treatment systems that are overloaded. Treatment occurs by a submerged aerated filter process to reduce BOD, COD and ammonia. Built-in passive alkalinity control regulates pH without chemical addition. The pod housing isolates aeration to keep the heavy solids from mixing. The open channel media prevents clogging while the airlift recirculation enhances retention time. Multiple pods can be utilized for larger flows and loads. 336-547-9338;

BioMicrobics RetroFAST 
Both the RetroFAST and RetroFITT-ee (energy-efficient version) units from BioMicrobics are designed to be a simple upgrade to enhance a conventional septic system or renovate a biologically failed septic system. A unit can be installed directly in an existing tank to create an optimized treatment environment using submerged, fixed-film media for microbial growth with an energy-efficient aeration system. It constantly sends effluent that’s rich in dissolved oxygen to the drainfield. Where sites and regulations allow, it can be used in new installations. It is designed to immediately deliver high levels of treatment to help ensure clogging layers never form. 800-753-3278;

Eljen Geotextile Sand Filter
The GSF, or Geotextile Sand Filter, advanced wastewater treatment and dispersal system from Eljen is designed to provide treatment and dispersal in the same footprint while keeping installations easy and maintenance minimal. This product is used for both commercial and residential applications. Utilizing a two-stage pretreatment process, the geotextile modules apply filtered septic tank effluent to the soil, increasing the soil’s ability to accept the effluent and increase the long-term acceptance rate. Open-air channels within the module support aerobic bacterial growth on the module’s geotextile fabric, surpassing the surface area required for traditional absorption systems. The result is simple installations in a smaller soil absorption area. The system is tested and certified by NSF to NSF/ANSI Standard 40. 800-444-1359;

MicroSepTec EnviroServer ES
The MicroSepTec EnviroServer ES series utilizes five chambers to achieve primary settling, treatment and clarification in one tank. The units use a moving-bed biological reactor made specifically for the residential market. The first compartment of the system is the primary clarifier for settling sludge and solids. The second section houses the first of two aeration chambers and contains bio-media providing surface area to promote a healthy population of microorganisms. The third compartment is used for further aeration to amplify the growth of nitrifying bacteria and the process of nitrification. The fourth chamber is the final clarifier where suspended solids settle out. Wastewater is then recirculated back to the primary clarifier in the first compartment, which contains enough carbon to promote denitrification removing high levels of nitrate. Clarified water then moves through an effluent filter before entering the fifth compartment, an effluent chamber for storage. 877-473-7842;

NextGen Septic technology
Treated water exiting NextGen Septic technology meets higher water-quality standards than treated water leaving a typical centralized wastewater treatment plant. The system is suitable for sites traditionally requiring costly drainfield construction due to size restrictions and/or hilly, rocky, clay or sandy soil conditions. It is approved for surface discharge in Kentucky, and it uses a combination of anoxic treatment of the raw wastewater followed by aerobic degradation of the contaminants. An ultra-filtration membrane further treats the water before being disinfected using ozone. Treated water has less than 15 mg/L of BOD5, less than 2 mg/L ammonia, less than 1 mg/L phosphorus and no TSS. Ozone decomposes to oxygen, which increases the dissolved oxygen level in the discharged water. This treated water can be used for irrigation or to resurrect a clogged leachfield. 513-673-3583;

Norweco Singulair R3 Green
The Singulair R3 Green water reuse system reduces water consumption, reuses treated effluent and recycles water to conserve and recharge water resources. It provides a solution to chronic water shortages and reduces energy costs associated with water and wastewater treatment. The system quietly, efficiently and automatically treats all incoming wastewater to the highest level for restricted indoor and unrestricted outdoor use. The system exceeds the effluent requirements of NSF/ANSI Standards 40, 245 and 350. It qualifies for Green Building credits under both the LEED rating system and the NAHB ICC 700 National Green Building Standard. By using the system and following local building code, a homeowner can expect to dramatically reduce water usage. 800-667-9326;

Orenco Systems AdvanTex AX-RT
The AdvanTex AX-RT series of advanced wastewater treatment systems from Orenco Systems is designed for system repair and rehabilitation. All interior components are installed, plumbed and adjusted at the factory. Units can be shallowly buried for use between a functional, watertight septic tank and a functioning drainfield. The three-in-one design includes recirculation, treatment and discharge in a single unit to simplify installation and eliminate the need for additional tanks, basins, risers and lids. The treatment system can be maintained with an annual service call. Filters and textile media are accessible and cleanable, and control panels are touch-safe. No blower is needed for the passively vented system. An optional UV disinfection unit is available. 800-348-9843;

SeptiTech STAAR filter systems
SeptiTech STAAR (Smart Trickling Anaerobic/Aerobic Recirculating) filter systems are designed for residential and commercial properties with minimal operator oversight, while delivering consistent treatment during peak, low or intermittent flows. Using an unsaturated, engineered textile media to treat wastewater that meets strict permit limits, the commercial filter system provides a simple, automatic equalization and clarification process for 500- to more than 150,000-gpd flows. The biological trickling filter technology also maintains low levels of Nitrate-N, with all below-grade components that fit in watertight concrete, plastic or fiberglass tanks. Smart technology allows the system to go into a sleep mode to achieve lower operating costs and power requirements. Systems are ETV-EPA verified and NSF/ANSI Standard 40/245 certified. 800-753-3278;


Arcan Enterprises Septic-Scrub
Septic-Scrub chemical additive from Arcan Enterprises is designed to help remove sludge that builds up and sticks to the stone in a drainfield, pit or sand mound to rejuvenate the drainfield. According to the maker, it works in the first 24 hours after application. It can serve as part of a maintenance program. It works with all types of systems, is safe to handle and is environmentally friendly. 888-352-7226;

Septic System Bacteria

Cape Cod Biochemical Jump Start
Jump Start healthy probiotic septic starter from Cape Cod Biochemical is designed to accelerate the health of septic tanks after pumping. It prevents clogging, sewage backups and odor drafts from septic pumping tanks, reducing organic sludge, grease buildup and slime layers beneath the drainfield, according to the maker. After the septic tank is pumped, add 1 pound to a 500-gallon tank, or add 2 pounds to a 500-gallon cesspool following pumping. CCLS septic tank treatment should be used monthly per label or at the septic contractor’s recommended dosage. It is safe for the environment when used according to specifications. 800-343-8007;

Ecological Laboratories PRO-PUMP/HC
PRO-PUMP/HC liquid live bacteria from Ecological Laboratories is a blend of microorganisms selected for broad-spectrum application in industrial and wastewater treatment. It contains more than 30 strains of bacteria designed to resolve problems that occur in septic systems. Its performance results in the rapid breakdown and removal of fats, oils and greases that build up in septic tanks and absorption fields, according to the maker. It is a consortium of vegetative non-spore-forming bacteria formulated to exhibit exceptional performance in low-oxygen facultative anaerobic environments. Regular treatment can help reduce surface solids, bottom solids and odor. 800-326-7867;

Jet Inc. Bio Jet 7
The Bio Jet 7 series of bacterial supplements from Jet Inc. offer biological aids designed to accelerate the degradation of FOG, proteins, tissues, soap-scum and other organics in residential, commercial and municipal wastewater applications. Non-hazardous and non-toxic, it is formulated to assist biological activity in septic systems, aerobic wastewater treatment systems, lift stations, lagoons, grease traps and retention ponds. According to the maker, the supplements are effective for difficult startups, daily maintenance to meet system discharge requirements or when a system becomes unstable due to changes in flow, chemicals or increased organics. The manufacturer asserts that continuous use can lead to a significant decrease in odor, maintenance and emergency line blockages. It is available as ready-to-use, quick-dissolving, flushable dry packs providing a 1-year supply in a recyclable plastic canister. The liquid version is available in 1-, 5- and 55-gallon containers. 800-321-6960;

Septic Drainfield Restoration

E-Z Treat Recirculation Sand/Media Filter System
E-Z Treat recirculating synthetic media filter systems are designed to create a suitable setting for bacterial growth to flourish. They are manufactured to treat sewage across multiple applications and for flows of 100 to 100,000 gpd. The system uses natural biological processes to break down waste. When septic-treated effluent first enters the recirculating chamber, it is dosed passively through an active film matrix. Through a series of bypass valves and recirculation pumps, the effluent is continuously circulated through the media where it can exit through a bypass valve and flow into a gravity drainfield or into a pump chamber for dispersal options. 866-753-4770;

The EarthBuster is a repair/maintenance alternative to the replacement of septic fields. It mounts to skid-steers, tractors and mini-excavators using a probe to inject compressed air into the ground at depths up to six feet. It breaks up the bio-mat, loosens soil for better absorption and provides oxygen access to the effluent treatment soil. One or two operators can complete a field in two to three hours with long-lasting results, according to the maker. 406-670-8318;

Sim/Tech Filter STF-100A2
The STF-100A2 pressure filter from Sim/Tech Filter helps maintain proper and efficient year-round operation of mounds, sand filters and other pressurized distribution systems. The low headloss (0.21 psi) pressure filter mounts on the discharge side of an effluent pump to prevent plugged holes and reduce effluent TSS. This mounting location also extends the time between servicing. The vortex action created by the pump scrubs the screen and the backflow through the filter after the pump shuts off, washing debris out. A single 2-inch filter can handle flow rates up to 83.8 gpm. It can be designed to handle almost any flow rate or load. Larger 3- and 4-inch filters are available. The standard screen filters to 1/16 inch, and optional socks allow for additional filtration to 0.024, 0.007 or 0.004 inch. 888-999-3290; 


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