Case Studies - October 2021

Case Studies - October 2021

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Package treatment plant a fit for community park 

Problem: Pelican Park in Mandeville, Louisiana, is a 550-acre community park with 32 athletic fields, two gyms, an 18-hole disc golf course, a 46,00-square-foot multipurpose community center and parking for more than 1,700 vehicles. Nearly 35 years ago, the community installed a 3,000 gpd Delta Package Sewage Treatment Plant to serve park operations. With the tank nearing the end of its expected life cycle due to rust from outdated prep and coating methods, the park needed a replacement. 

Solution: Park officials contracted Delta Treatment Systems to fabricate a new Extended Aeration Package Plant replacement system that would be easy for the team to transition to due to familiarity with the previous model. The plants are custom designed for the treatment needs of each location and are suitable for permanent or temporary use in areas beyond the reach of municipal wastewater systems. Each plant is shipped to the project site as a self-contained unit requiring minimal assembly. 

Result: Installed in early 2021, the new system at Pelican Park works as expected, handling more than 12,000 visitors each Saturday and 1 million visitors per year. 800-221-4436;

Pretreatment system used for high FOG wastewater 

Problem: The Cottage Hotel is a historic tavern and restaurant at the center of town in Mendon, New York. The one-third acre parcel presents major challenges for a septic system, as space at the site is mostly limited to the footprint of the buildings and parking. Wastewater is treated and then discharged into a nearby stream. Pretreatment had historically been accomplished through an aerobic treatment unit with polishing through a single-pass sand filter with SPDES-permitted surface discharge. Although the ATU and sand filter are good treatment technologies, at this particular site, the fats, oils and greases generated from kitchen waste caused the sand filter to clog routinely. Regulatory authorities mandated the failing system be upgraded to better handle high-strength commercial wastewater. 

Solution: The owner hired Onsite Engineering to design a commercial septic system to handle the high-strength restaurant wastewater — and treat it to the level needed for a permitted surface water discharge. The redesigned system uses the White Knight Microbial Inoculator Generator from Knight Treatment Systems. The system inoculates and pretreats the wastewater with select bacteria that aggressively digest the FOG and other organic constituents prior to passing through the rebuilt single pass sand filter. 

Result: The system has been working well since its 2017 installation. 800-560-2454;

Onsite system needed to accommodate winery/brewery in unique venue

Problem: Spyglass Winery in Sunbury, Pennsylvania, planning an expansion including a brewery and restaurant, needed a cost-efficient, long-term solution to treat high-strength wastewater and handle substantial flow fluctuations. It had to be easy to operate and consistently meet stringent treatment requirements for shallow subsurface infiltration.

Solution: Premier Tech Water and Environment designed a 2,000 gpd treatment system. The first stage includes a polyethylene primary treatment tank and grease trap, each with 3,490 gallons capacity, followed by a 900-gallon equalization tank. These are combined with Premier Tech’s ready-to-use polyethylene Rewatec moving-bed bioreactors and clarifier, which reduces BOD and TSS to domestic strength, according to the maker. The process is completed by two Ecoflo biofilter units with 100% coco filtering medium. The integrated pump in the biofilters allows for low-pressure dosing of the at-grade bed where treated wastewater infiltrates.

Result: The system showed excellent resilience after sharply reduced flows during the COVID-19 pandemic. With gradual resumption, the system continues to efficiently handle flow and contaminant-load fluctuations and to meet discharge criteria. 800-632-6356; 


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