Advanced Enviro-Septic Provides Low Maintenance, Passive Onsite Wastewater Treatment

The Advanced Enviro-Septic (AES) combined treatment and dispersal system from Presby Environmental provides passive onsite wastewater treatment that reduces or eliminates energy usage for residential, community and commercial wastewater applications. The system is a low maintenance alternative to traditional onsite wastewater treatment systems and requires no replacement media or electricity to operate. 

A powerful ecosystem of aerobic and anaerobic bacteria, the system digests up to 99% of wastewater contaminants, recycling clean water into the environment. Exceeding NSF/ANSI 40 standards, the system treats and disperses wastewater in the same small footprint, costs less than other treatment options, and is ideal for challenging sites without space for a traditional septic system and drainfield. These features create a low carbon footprint wastewater treatment alternative for sustainable developments.

Each unit is 10 feet long with an outside diameter of 12 inches. Snap-lock couplings, offset adapters and PVC piping make assembly easy. Ideal for sloped or curved sites, the AES pipe features Bio-Accelerator fabric to speed biomat development promoting even distribution of wastewater. 

PEI is a subsidiary of Infiltrator Water Technologies.

Project Example - The University of Wyoming - National Park Service Research Station at AMK Ranch in Grand Teton National Park. A 6,500 gpd passive Presby AES system with 3,120 linear feet of AES pipe was selected to upgrade the existing onsite sanitary sewer systems for the lodge, houses and cabins. The small footprint system complied with federal regulations and close environmental scrutiny, minimized disturbance of the pristine area, and was suitable for the extreme winter cold and frost depths. The system removes nearly all wastewater contaminants without electricity. 

Presby Environmental is a wholly owned subsidiary of Infiltrator Water Technologies, a leading manufacturer of products for the decentralized water and wastewater industries. Presby Environmental manufactures the Enviro-Septic, Advanced Enviro-Septic and other wastewater treatment technologies.

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