Advanced Treatment Units - NextGen Septic Community Septic Systems

NextGen Septic Community Septic Systems are advanced multihome sewage treatment systems, hybrids between a packaged treatment plant and an advanced septic system. The system design eliminates the need for large septic tanks in each yard, creates a stand-alone treatment system that removes traditional contaminants, plus nitrates and phosphorus, and provides graywater irrigation usable for community green space. The system has small collection tanks located throughout the neighborhood, which collect sewage and wastewater from each house. From these tanks, a system of local vacuum sewer lines and secondary collection tanks transmits the sewage to the treatment system. The system uses Septigen technology, a multistage treatment process including simultaneous aerobic and anoxic treatment, high-capacity aeration, membrane separation and disinfection. The system pumps the treated water into soil leach lines or a holding area, which can be used for irrigation. 513-673-3583;


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