Distribution Systems and Equipment

Distribution Systems and Equipment
Submersible pump

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Low- to high-flow splitting

The Tru-Flow splitter system from Clarus Environmental can split effluent flows from 0.1 to 30 gpm into two to five distribution lines. The splitter is made of lightweight, noncorrodible materials. The bubble-level design allows for postconstruction adjustments, solving problems of distribution box settling. The unit may settle as much as 15 degrees front-to-back or 12 degrees side-to-side and, when adjusted, will still evenly split effluent. A 4-inch riser to the surface gives access for inspection and maintenance. 877/244-9340; www.clarusenvironmental.com.


Grinder pumps

Jung Pumpen commercial-grade grinder pumps from Pentair Water offer a high-torque cutting system able to steer pump-damaging debris away from the pump hydraulics. Users can select from 2 to 7.5 hp pumps with a continuous-duty rating, advanced dual-seal leak detection, and energy-efficient air-cooled motors. 888/957-8677; www.jungpumpen-us.com.


Dividing effluent flow

Distribution boxes from Tuf-Tite offer flexibility in dividing septic tank effluent flow with the installation of the company’s Speed Levelers in each outlet. The boxes are available with four, six, seven or nine holes. The levelers can be inserted in each outlet and turned to adjust the level of flow. Risers are available on the four- and seven-hole boxes. All boxes come with snap-in outlet seals to match the pipe used in specific situations, including corrugated pipe. 800/382-7009; www.tuf-tite.com.


Versatile pump

Hydraulic submersible pumps from Griffin Pump & Equipment are available in axial-flow and trash-handling models. The pumps range from 4 to 24 inches and are designed for volumes up to 20,000 gpm and head conditions up to 140 feet. The impellers can handle solids up to 3 inches. The pumps are well suited to high-suction-lift applications. 866/770-8100; www.griffinpump.com.


Submersible pump

The Bullet High Head submersible effluent pump from Septic Services has a stainless steel enclosure for corrosion resistance, self-lubricating impellers for operation under extreme conditions, and a 10-amp, three-wire continuous-duty motor. The design allows effluent to enter at the pump’s screened midsection rather than at the pump base, reducing debris clogs.

The pumps can be used in residential, commercial and industrial water systems, for farm clean-water use, and in applications including spray irrigation, drip or mound systems, and long-distance pumping. The BP10 has a maximum head of 149 feet at 10 gpm, and the BP20 has a maximum head of 90 feet at 20 gpm. 800/536-5564; www.septicserv.com/store.


Pump selection software

PumpSelect software from Orenco helps users size pumps for onsite applications, including pressurized and nonpressurized dispersal areas. Users enter system parameters, and the software provides fast hydraulic calculations, pump curves, float settings, and dose volumes for all Orenco pumps, including previous models.

Parameters include pipe length and dimensions, number and size of orifices, change in elevation, flow rate, and size of discharge assembly. The original software is used solely for hydraulic calculations, while EasyPak/ProPak Select also calculates tank sizing, reserve volumes and timer settings. Both versions include an FAQ section for new users, pump technical data, and sample system drawings. 800/348-9843; www.orenco.com.


Low-volume dripperline

Bioline non-potable polyethylene low-volume dripperline from Netafim is designed for use with domestic septic strength effluent to secondary-treated effluent. Each dripper is debris resistant, pressure compensating, continuously self-flushing, and vinyzene-impregnated to prevent microbial slime buildup. Flow rates include 0.4, 0.6 or 0.9 gph. Dripper spacings are 12, 18 or 24 inches with a pressure range of 7 to 70 psi. The dripperline works in environmentally sensitive areas, tight soils, slopes and odd-shaped areas. 888/638-2346; www.netafimusa.com/wastewater.


Rockless drainfield system

The Multi-Pipe (MPS) Rockless drainfield system from Plastic Tubing Industries offers an alternative to gravel, chambers and foam cubes. The MPS technology uses a system of corrugated pipes to replace voided areas within a gravel system. The system includes a reduced footprint, lower profile, and increased transpiration and evapotranspiration area. All MPS configurations are constructed with recycled materials in the U.S. 800/780-5121; www.pti-pipe.com.


Antisiphon dripline

Geoflow’s antisiphon dripper allows design of a dispersal field for any landscape. The dripper is slow to drain water when the pump turns off so it is less sensitive to vacuum than standard pressure-compensating driplines and the dependency on airvents is not as critical. The dripline provides protection against root intrusion with ROOTGUARD molded into each emitter and protection against biological buildup through the turquoise Geoshield layer. 800/828-3388; www.geoflow.com.


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