Product Spotlight - February 2022

Product Spotlight - February 2022

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Flooding and sewage backup caused by septic system pump failure can cost a homeowner thousands of dollars in repair and cleanup costs. If the issue is caught early, those costs can typically be avoided. The Xpert Alert RF alarm system from SJE Rhombus is designed to help do that. 

The RF system includes an Xpert Alert alarm, a receiver module which attaches to the indoor alarm, and a panel module installed into the outdoor control panel. The receiver and panel modules wirelessly connect the outdoor control panel with an indoor alarm. When the control panel has an alarm condition, it activates the panel module through its auxiliary alarm contacts and sends a radio signal to the receiver module to activate the indoor alarm, alerting the homeowner of the alarm condition. 

“As an add-on to an existing installation, the need to run wires into the home is eliminated, saving labor and time,” says Roger Saba, SJE Rhombus product manager. “There is no need to dig another trench to bury a cable into the home.”

The wireless design makes this an easy-to-install system ideal for residential applications, including lift pump chambers, holding tanks, sewage, agricultural and other water applications, according to Saba. The compact design of the panel module fits conveniently into most control panel enclosures and includes a wiring harness. For control panel enclosures with limited space, it is also available in a NEMA 4X watertight configuration.

“We are giving the homeowner, HOA or municipality the ability to have an early warning to a problem,” Saba says. “Once the fault condition is activated, the Xpert Alert can notify the authorized person or company via email or SMS.”

The alarm includes two sensor inputs; one is utilized for the RF receiver module; one is available for monitoring a liquid level condition. LoRa radio technology allows for up to a 200-foot communication range. “We are confident it will be reliable to 200 feet through an external wall above grade,” Saba says. “For onsite applications we give the pumpers early warnings, as they too will receive notifications so they can plan their routes based on customer needs and location, solving the problem by adding an alarm to an existing system.” 888-342-5753;


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