Distribution Equipment and Systems

Effluent distribution is essential to the success of every onsite system. Here are components – including distribution boxes, pumps, piping and drainfield media – that can play a pivotal role in designing and installing an efficient onsite system.
Distribution Equipment and Systems
Continuous-duty effluent pump

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  Continuous-duty effluent pump

Heavy-duty effluent pumps from Ashland Pump feature continuous duty-rated PSC motors. The oil-filled pumps feature an upper and lower ball-bearing design and handle up to 1-inch solids. The line is available in different horsepower models. All feature a cast iron volute and impeller, and are available with a piggyback switch or in manual configuration. They have a standard three-year warranty. 855/281-6830; www.ashlandpump.com.

  Pump backup system

Designed to deliver all the benefits of sound-attenuated silent pumps, the ReliaPrime emergency bypass station from Gorman-Rupp Company operates on natural gas, making it a quiet, efficient and environmentally friendly option. It features a 6-inch Super T Series pump capable of passing a 3-inch spherical solid, and offers a soundproof, lightweight aluminum enclosure with lockable, removable door panels. It is a complete backup package, ready for use in emergencies and power outages, primary pump repair and to provide additional pumping capacity. 419/755-1011; www.grpumps.com.

  Grinder pump retrofit kit

The Grinder Pump Retrofit Kit from Goulds Water Technology – a Xylem Brand, is designed as a more economical option than replacing a residential grinder pump system. The kit allows for continuous operation, and can be retrofitted with other grinder pumps as well as progressive cavity pumps. The kit includes a single-phase, 2-hp motor with 60 Hz, 3450 RPM, 230 V and a capacitor start with winding thermal protector. It also includes piping and electrical connections for retrofitting to other pump systems. Capacity is up to 41 gpm with heads to 95 feet and discharge of 1 1/4 NPT. 866/325-4210; www.gouldswatertechnology.com.

  Sewage pump

S Pumps from Grundfos Pumps can be used for transferring unscreened raw sewage or water, pumping water containing sludge or pumping industrial effluent. They feature a SmartTrim impeller clearance adjustment system and SmartSeal for leakage prevention. The SmartTrim system makes it easy to adjust the factory-set impeller clearance to maintain efficiency. The SmartSeal auto-coupling gasket provides a leak-proof connection between the pump and the base unit of the auto-coupling system. The shaft seal is capable of rotating in either direction. When installed with separate pipework, sludge sedimentation can be avoided by back-flushing at regular intervals. 800/921-7867; www.grundfos.us.

  Simplex/duplex grinder packaged system

Simplex and duplex systems from Franklin Electric/Little Giant Pump come with GP Series grinder pumps, check valves, a control panel with three switch floats that sense normal, high and alarm effluent levels, a large fiberglass basin with inlet hub, gas-tight covers with vent and discharge flanges, core seals, gaskets and hardware. The pump’s cutter design features anti-roping, self-aligning, self-sharpening cutters engineered with close clearances between the two notched rotary and stationary cutters for ideal grinding performance. 800/701-7894; www.franklin-electric.com.

  Dual-discharge effluent pump

FL effluent pumps from Liberty Pumps are available in 1-, 1.5- and 2-hp models. They feature maximum head capabilities of over 130 feet and flows to 130 gpm. They are designed for STEP systems, mound systems, liquid waste transfer and higher head de-watering applications. A dual-sized discharge features a 1 1/2-inch removable flange with a 2-inch threaded port for connection to either pipe size. They also feature a standard 25-foot quick-disconnect power cord and dual shaft seals. They are built of heavy cast iron with an epoxy powder-coat finish and stainless steel fasteners. 800/543-2550; www.libertypumps.com.

  Efficient solids-handling pump

The Hydromatic HPE premium-efficient solids-handling pump from Pentair / Myers is available up to 200 hp, and is engineered for lower life cycle costs and increased serviceability and pump life. It uses a premium-efficient, oil-filled motor that allows for not only less power consumption but also decreased operating temperatures and permanently lubricated bearings for extended pump life. Features include switchable seal design, optional quick-disconnect cord, optional shaft-grounding ring for use with VFDs, a bronze sleeve bearing and a seal-leak detector that alerts prior to water entry into the motor. 888/416-9513; www.hydromatichpe.com.

  Linear air pump

Whirlwind STA Series linear air pumps from Septic Services are available in four models. The STA60N produces 2.4 cfm airflow at 2.18 psi and is used for tanks up to 500 gpd, 60 liters/minute. The STA80N produces 3.0 cfm airflow at 2.18 psi for tanks up to 750 gpd, 80 liters/minute. Both models come with an integrated hose bib and 3/16-inch male threaded pipefitting for a low-pressure alarm (available separately). The STA-Series is also available in the STA100 model, which produces 7.0 cfm airflow at 6.9 psi for tanks up to 1,000 gpd, 100 liters/minute. The STA80AL has integrated audible alarm and warning light to monitor pump performance, warning of low pressures requiring diaphragm replacement. The alarm activates when air pressure drops below functional level. They require no lubrication and feature a 6-foot power cord, inside threaded outlet port and an easy-access lid requiring no tools to access included filter. 800/536-5564; www.septicserv.com/store.

  Bypass/wastewater pump

The Enviroprime System pump series from Thompson Pump provides reliable, automatic priming with the environmental advantage of not spilling pump fluids during initial priming and continued priming throughout operation. They are ideal for sewer bypasses and wastewater, and are available in sizes 2 to 18 inches with capacities up to 11,000 gpm, heads to 430 feet and can handle solids up to 4 inches. 800/767-7310; www.thompsonpump.com.

  Turbine effluent pump

WTE Turbine Effluent pumps from Weber Industries - Webtrol Pumps are designed to handle demanding wastewater applications. They are constructed from 304 stainless steel as well as corrosion-resistant plastic, and feature a floating stack design that provides resistance to abrasive damage, extending the life of the pump. They are available in flow ranges from 5 to 60 gpm, 1/2 though 5 hp, 115- or 230-volt, single and three phase. 800/769-7867; www.webtrol.com.

Distribution Boxes

  Splitting distribution box

The Tru-Flow Splitter from Clarus Environmental is a distribution box that can accurately split wastewater effluent flows ranging from one-tenth to 30 gpm into two to five distribution lines. It is constructed of lightweight, non-corroding materials, and consists of two key components – the basin and the diverter. The bubble level design allows for simple post-construction adjustments, solving problems associated with distribution box settling. It may settle as much as 15 degrees to the front or back and/or 12 degrees to one side and, when adjusted, will still evenly split effluent. With a 4- or 6-inch riser to the surface, it is easy to inspect, adjust and maintain. 800/928-7867; www.clarusenvironmental.com.

  Stabilized distribution box

Distribution boxes from Polylok/Zabel Environmental are available in 12- and 20-inch sizes. They accept 2-, 3-, 4-, and 6-inch pipe. The 12-inch box comes with stabilizing feet to anchor and prevent them from floating. They will accept risers to easily bring the box to grade (critical in states that mandate at-grade access). Additionally, pumpers, inspectors and service technicians can quickly identify an issue within the system without excavation. 877/765-9565; www.polylok.com.

  Flow-dividing distribution box

Distribution boxes from Tuf-Tite offer flexibility in dividing septic tank effluent flow with the installation of the company’s Speed Levelers in each outlet. The boxes are available with four, six, seven or nine holes. The levelers can be inserted in each outlet and turned to adjust flow level. Risers are available for the four- and seven-hole boxes. All boxes come with snap-in outlet seals to match pipe used in specific situations, including corrugated pipe. 800/382-7009; www.tuf-tite.com.

Drainfield Media

  Geotextile sand filter

The GSF Geotextile Sand Filter from Eljen Corporation provides advanced treatment and dispersal in the same footprint. The internal design provides sufficient void space to allow for aerobic conditions, while the Bio-Matt fabric promotes biological growth on its multiple surfaces. The fabric enhances system performance and keeps the biological growth away from native soil, preserving the soil’s long-term acceptance rate. Lightweight and easy-to-handle modules allow for quick delivery and can be used in areas where traditional advanced treatment units would be difficult to transport and install. 800/444-1359; www.eljen.com.

  Leaching system

The GeoMat leaching system from Geomatrix Systems consists of a core of fused, entangled plastic filaments surrounded by a high-capillary geotextile fabric. It is compatible with pretreated wastewater or septic tank effluent, when sized accordingly. Uses also include subsurface irrigation and evapotranspiration systems. It is 1 inch high and available in 6-, 12- and 39-inch widths. A pressurized distribution pipe typically runs the entire length of the lateral for uniform application of wastewater. Additionally, it can be configured with a time-dose pump station for flow equalization. The combination of pressure dosing and flow equalization serves to reduce peak hydraulic loading. The thin and narrow profile, shallow burial depth and uniform hydraulic loading maximize oxygen transfer efficiency. It has complete surface contact with the soil, and is not reliant on complex valving and filtration systems. The distal head pressure is fully adjustable through manual zone valves. 888/764-5247; www.geomatrixsystems.com.

  Geosynthetic aggregate

EZflow from Infiltrator Systems is an environmentally friendly replacement for stone and pipe septic drainfields, using an engineered geosynthetic aggregate modular design. Ideal for shallow installations, sloping sites or areas where contouring around trees and landscaping is needed, it is designed to improve infiltrative performance by eliminating the fines and by reducing compaction and embedment associated with crushed stone. Lightweight and easy to transport, the preassembled units feature a 3- or 4-inch perforated pipe surrounded by polystyrene aggregate and will not crush, degrade or breakdown over time. The aggregate is held in place with durable, high-strength netting. It comes in easy-to-contour 5- and 10-foot lengths in diameters of 7, 9, 10, 12, 13 or 14 inches. 800/221-4436; www.ezflowlp.com.

  Drainfield dispersal system

Advanced Enviro-Septic (AES) from Presby Environmental is designed for residential, commercial and community use, and has been proven to remove up to 99 percent of wastewater contaminants without the use of electricity or replacement media. It does this by quickly and naturally establishing multiple bacterial treatment environments throughout the system that break down and digest wastewater contaminants leaving the septic tank. This passive process allows the system to discharge highly purified wastewater, preventing soil clogging and groundwater contamination. It is approved to the highest levels of treatment resulting in significant reductions in size, and has third party certifications from NSF Class-1, Cebedeau and BNQ. 800/473-5298; www.presbyenvironmental.com.


  Slide rail system

The lift-out slide rail system from E-Z Out Manufacturing is designed for most vertical discharge-type submersible pumps under 5 hp, with 1-, 2- and 3-inch NPT discharge nozzles or 2- or 3-inch horizontal discharge. It is designed to provide easy aboveground service access for most submersible sewage, sump and grinder pumps from wet pit applications. The system can prevent the need or risk of a confined-space entry to service pumps. Pumps are removed from above sump for inspection and service. 604/942-7994.

  PVC sweeps

Sim/Tech Filter offers long-radius white schedule 40 PVC sweeps for use on pressurized distribution laterals. In the past long-radius gray electrical sweeps have been used; however, some codes don’t allow use of electrical fittings on water systems. Two 45-degree elbows are commonly used, but don’t have the same long sweeping radius that allows much easier access to distribution laterals. They meet both the code and the convenience of the long radius. 888/999-3290; www.simtechfilter.com.


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