Product Spotlight - January 2020

Product Spotlight - January 2020

The air pump is often the only moving part in a more conventional septic system design — so it must be dependable. Staying in service 24 hours a day and through all four seasons of the year, the XP series of linear air pumps from Hiblow USA — distributed in the U.S. by Wholesale Septic Supply — is designed to provide efficiency, reliability and a long service life to onsite systems.

According to Mike Miner, director of sales and marketing for Hiblow USA, the XP series is built with the same quality standards as the company’s flagship HP models. “It may be smaller and have a sleeker design, but it’s built with the same toughness,” he says.

The XP series is run by a neodymium magnet, which allows it to only draw 0.9 amps of power when running, reducing electrical costs for the customer. The neodymium magnet also helps the unit maintain lower operating temperatures. The unit’s smaller footprint ensures it will fit in applications and housings used by the industry. It weighs 9.5 pounds.  

“As the main aeration blower for aerobic septic systems, great care was taken to make sure it operates within the same parameters as other units,” Miner says. “This is very important to ATU manufacturers and the septic industry as a whole because ATUs are tested using aerators that use certain pressures and airflow. We wanted clients to have an approved alternative for the system if they wanted to switch over.”

Currently, the energy-efficient XP is offered in 40, 60 and 80 lpm models. Each model is also offered with or without an integrated low-pressure alarm module to signal if the system is not receiving the proper amount of air.

“More homeowners are now cognizant of how their wastewater system contributes to their electric bill, so the XP adds even more sustainability to their onsite system with its greatly reduced need for power,” Miner says. “The XP has been in service overseas for over 10 years. It is another tool to keep in the truck when servicing, repairing and installing onsite systems.” 844-660-0901;


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