Product Focus - January 2020

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Drainfield Components

Advanced Drainage Systems Septic Stack
The Septic Stack system from Advanced Drainage Systems is available in configurations of 9, 11 and 13 pipes. The units are designed to allow for exceptional soil contact without the use of gravel, functioning as a trickle filter to disperse effluent into the voids in and around specially banded ADS pipe. The pipe is engineered with holes and slots, allowing it to collect and disperse effluent as it passes over corrugations in the pipe. Systems are available for use in both residential and commercial applications in trench, bed and mound configurations, as well as pressure dosing. 800-821-6710;

Clarus Environmental WW4
The WW4 effluent filter from Clarus Environmental is mounted in the outflow of the septic tank to provide protection from solids moving out of the tank and into the dispersal area. A secondary screen provides continued protection during servicing. When the primary cartridge is removed to be cleaned, the secondary screen blocks solids from sloughing off and traveling to the dispersal area. After the primary cartridge is cleaned, the secondary screen can be removed and cleaned. It can handle up to 4,000 gpd and can be assembled on site in a multifilter configuration for larger flows. 800-928-7867;

Geomatrix Systems GST Leaching System
The GST Leaching System from Geomatrix Systems is an adaptation of the stone leaching trench. This traditional leaching system has been improved with the use of a removable form to accurately shape and construct leaching fingers along the sides of a central distribution channel. The system is constructed with 3/4-inch washed stone and is surrounded with ASTM C-33 sand. The fingers increase the sidewall surface area by more than six times that of a traditional stone trench. The narrow profile of the leaching fingers and central distribution channel, combined with the uniform profile of the sand treatment media, enhance oxygen transfer efficiencies, which can result in better wastewater treatment and a longer leachfield life span, according to the maker. It has direct stone-to-soil contact for enhanced long-term performance and can be configured with standard gravity, pressure and/or time-dosed distribution. 888-764-5247;

Infiltrator Water Technologies Quick4 Plus Chambers
Providing maximum strength and large storage volumes to accommodate peak flows, the Infiltrator Water Technologies Quick4 Plus Chamber offers design and installation flexibility including a small footprint. Easy to install, the 4-foot chambers are available in standard, low-profile and high-capacity models. A Contour Swivel Connection permits up to 15-degree turns right or left. The All-in-One Endcap can be used at either end of the chamber row for an inlet/outlet or can be used midtrench. Midtrench connection allows for center-feed chamber rows. Center-feed connections allow for easy installation of serial distribution systems. The Periscope allows for raised invert installations. No stone or geotextile is required for installation. 800-221-4436;

Jet Inc. BIO JET 7 Plus 
BIO JET 7 Plus from Jet Inc. is a nonhazardous and nontoxic bacterial aid used to degrade FOG, fatty acids and lignin while lowering BOD, COD and nitrates. When added to a system, the bacteria attacks grease and organic materials, converting them to liquid and then to carbon dioxide and water. Continuous use can help decrease odor, maintenance and emergency blockages, according to the maker. 800-321-6960;

Presby Environmental Advanced Enviro-Septic
Advanced Enviro-Septic (AES) from Presby Environmental is a passive onsite wastewater treatment system for residential, commercial and community use that removes 99% of wastewater contaminants. It requires no replacement media or additives and no electricity or mechanical devices. The NSF 40 Class 1-certified system treats effluent efficiently, providing long system life and protecting the environment, according to the maker. It quickly and naturally establishes multiple bacterial treatment environments throughout the system that break down and digest wastewater contaminants that leave the septic tank. Following the filtering of suspended solids, it releases highly purified wastewater to the soil, recharging the groundwater and preventing soil and groundwater contamination. It is BNQ certified for secondary and advanced secondary treatment. 800-473-5298;

Real-Tite Plugs stainless steel top expansion plug
Stainless steel top expansion plugs from Real-Tite Plugs provide a leak-proof seal while withstanding heavy traffic without damaging pipe openings or the plug itself in residential and commercial applications. The plug is designed as one unit with a weather-resistant flush 12-gauge stainless steel top that contains a stainless stop bolt, which prevents the lower wedge from being disengaged from the plug and dropping into the pipe opening. The plug is reusable, incorporating a wide neoprene gasket that seals behind and over the internal threads of the opening, as well as provides a lip seal at the end of the pipe for a three-way seal. It is available in half-inch increments from 1 1/2 to 4 inches and may be applied to iron or plastic pipe, with or without threads. It will seal pipe with damaged threads. 800-877-0610;

Sim/Tech Filter orifice shields
Orifice shields from Sim/Tech Filter are designed to prevent drain media, such as drain stone, from blocking discharge holes, promoting even distribution of effluent in pressurized systems. The shields have a sturdy design that keeps them firmly in place after snapping them on the laterals, according to the maker. The large amount of open area between the pipe and shield allows for easy placement over the holes and reduces media clogging by debris. The enclosed design has a large amount of open area, but all openings are small enough to prevent media from entering the shield. Two styles are available — for top-discharge distribution holes and bottom-discharge holes. Shields are available to fit 3/4-, 1-, 1 1/4-, 1 1/2-, 2- or 3-inch pipe. 888-999-3290;

TUF-TITE Distribution Box with Speed Leveler
The noncorrosive TUF-TITE Distribution Box with a Speed Leveler in each outlet provides a simple, stable, reliable and permanent means for dividing septic tank effluent flow, according to the maker. Distribution boxes come in four sizes: four-, six-, seven- and nine-hole. Risers are available on the four-, seven- and nine-hole boxes. All boxes come with a one-piece watertight seal that accepts 1.5-, 2-, 3- and 4-inch SDR 35 or Schedule 40 pipe, including corrugated, for easy installation. 800-382-7009; .

Vent Pipe Filters

Polylok Poly-Air
The Poly-Air activated carbon roof vent from Polylok is designed to help remove offensive odors, such as hydrogen sulfide, as they come out of the roof vent. The 6-inch unit offers 5 pounds of activated carbon, while smaller units offer 1 pound. 877-765-9565;

Simple Solutions Distributing WVI Inline
The WVI Inline activated carbon filter from Simple Solutions Distributing is installed in an attic or crawl space inline of existing vent to remove septic odor. The filter comes in 4- and 6-inch sizes, with the smaller able to be bushed down to 1.5-, 2- and 3-inch sizes. It comes with 2 pounds of Sulfursorb Plus activated carbon, which is poured into the 2-inch fill port. The unit is equipped to accept an optional screw-in saturation indicator that changes color to indicate when carbon needs to be changed. It can be installed in any climate where septic or sewer vent odor exists and the roof vent filter needs to be hidden. 973-846-7817; 


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