Product Spotlight - January 2022

Product Spotlight - January 2022

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Fiberglass Tank Solutions manufactures an underground storage tank with a potential life span of 100 years. 

The company “utilizes a combination of chop strand glass, fiberglass wind roving and structural ribs and fiberglass reinforcements to build a hoop-wound tank with superb strength,” says Kevin Hawthorne, owner of Fiberglass Tank Solutions. “Our tanks employ a sandwich-layer design to create tanks that resist buckling, loads and buoyancy upthrust.”

Though FTS makes underground storage tanks for many applications, Hawthorne says that decentralized onsite wastewater systems have always been a big part of their business. The products include septic tanks, dosing tanks, recirculation tanks, process tanks and storage tanks ranging from 500 to 50,000 gallons.

Hawthorne says fiberglass is lightweight, strong and corrosive resistant to chemicals and wastewater. “Fiberglass resins can be modified to store harsh acids, chemicals and hazardous materials,” he says. “FTS can customize the tank with a multitude of resin types to match the tanks application to the exact resin for the contents stored inside the tank.”

Along with corrosion resistance, the manufacturing process used by FTS is designed to create tanks that can withstand years of use, support heavy weight and each one utilizes an anti-float system to manage buoyancy. FTS tanks can be buried empty up to 25 feet deep, or in fully flooded conditions. “Anchoring of underground storage tanks in a major feature of the tank system,” Hawthorne says. “Improperly done, you can have a submarine in your yard or parking lot, which tends to create a really bad day.” 

FTS also provides finite element analysis engineering reports with professional engineer stamps for all the tank sizes so customers have certification and proof of steps taken to build each tank system.

“FTS takes pride in providing tanks with custom features, components and fabrication to create an operational tank system for process, pumping and storing,” Hawthorne says. “Contractors appreciate the multitude of custom features we offer to eliminate field fabrication and modification.” 573-317-9620;


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