Case Study: Pumps

Case Study: Pumps

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Alternative system used on small lakefront property

Problem: A customer was working on a Midwestern lakefront home, unable to install a septic tank due to the lot size and the proximity to the lake. The home was situated on a steep incline to the lake, and there was no way to have a gravity line for conventional sewer service.

Solution: JMI Pump Systems suggested the customer use a Franklin Electric PowerSewer located outside at the bottom of the incline, as this would allow the entire house to drain by gravity. The field-adjustable inlet and pre-wired electrical conduit made installation easy. The system incorporated a grinder pump that reduced solids to a slurry that can be pumped in 1 1/4-inch pipe. The grinder pump sits in a “C” channel that enables the pump to be easily accessed for maintenance, and the accompanying float tree allows ease of access on the control floats. As designed, the PowerSewer would pump up the hill to a holding tank on top, which in turn would be pumped by a pumper. Both the high-water alarms for the PowerSewer and holding tank were connected to an SJE Rhombus Xpert Wi-Fi alarm. This notifies the homeowner via text and email of high water conditions in the PowerSewer and connects directly to the pumper to service the holding tank.

Result: The homeowner appreciated the system’s small footprint along with notifications going directly to the pumper for servicing the holding tank. The contractors were pleased with the ease of installation and service provided. 800-234-5490; 


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