Our mission at Anua is to “Own the Responsibility” for preserving our planet from environmental and human impacts. We strive to partner with the industry to provide high quality treatment products for the odor control markets. Anua is better positioned than ever to live up to that mission and meet the needs of customers nationwide. Recent company milestones include:

Introduced AiraCarb odor control systems, providing municipal- and industrial-strength odor control for onsite applications.

Introduction of the AiraHybrid two-stage biological treatment odor control system.

Exclusive distribution rights to Sung Il Co., LTD (Korea) fiberglass panels for large air treatment systems tanks.

Launch of a new combo odor control/irrigation water treatment system incorporating first-of-its-kind onsite treatment from mined sewer effluent which provides water source for the odor control system. No clean drinking water is used in the process!

It’s an exciting time at Anua as we find ourselves in an environment where our products and services are needed now more than ever to deliver clean air and clean water. Our team of dedicated engineers, technical salespeople, government relations specialists and knowledgeable field support staff are ready to support your project needs. Join us in “Owning the Responsibility.”

Anua is an American manufacturer of Clean Water and Clean Air solutions serving the wastewater and odor control industries. Through the symbiosis of technology, design and collaboration, we strive to be industry leaders in championing a sustainable future for all.

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