Nitrogen-Reduction System - SeptiTech STAAR

SeptiTech STAAR (Smart Trickling Anaerobic/Aerobic Recirculation) filter systems are designed for multifamily domestic and high-strength commercial wastewater from 100 to more than 150,000 gpd for residential and commercial wastewater treatment applications. The systems use partially submerged media to treat high organic loads. The simple, automatic and reliable equalization and clarification process treats high-organic loads that integrate with other technologies and accessories. The biological trickling filter technology also maintains low levels of Nitrate-N with all below-grade components that fit in readily available concrete, plastic or fiberglass tanks. Smart technology allows the system to go into a sleep mode that will dial down activity and eventually shut power off until normal flow conditions are detected. This reduces operating costs and power requirements. 207-333-6940;


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