Valve Ensures Worry-Free Dispersal to Drainfield

The Clarus Environmental Automatic Multizone Valve simplified the onsite system at Huber’s Orchard and Winery

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Valve Ensures Worry-Free Dispersal to Drainfield

Huber’s Orchard and Winery is a popular attraction located in Starlight, Indiana, that allows visitors to take part in the seasonal harvest. When called upon to review a new design for some pressurized septic drainfields, the experts at Clarus Environmental offered a simpler, more economical alternative.

The original design included a complicated triplex pumping system that required expensive custom controls to feed water to three different fields at varying elevations. Instead of using three pumps for three fields, a common alternating-duplex system was recommended instead. A Clarus Environmental Automatic Multizone Valve was added to the system for worry-free, even dispersal between the fields. Throttling valves were also put in place to allow the water pressure to be easily adjusted at each field to accommodate for the elevation differences.

The alternative design achieved the original end goal of evenly dispersing effluent among the different fields with a simplified method that shaved thousands off the total cost of the system.


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